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Everybody loves a good mystery, right? 

Show notes for episode # zero – The trailer:

What the Bible Mystery Podcast is all about:   This show initially began its life in May of 2019 as the Bible Questions Podcast, and seemed to be doing quite well. Good downloads, listened to all across the country, and several countries outside the U.S.  However, I have always had an interest in mysterious happenings and supernatural events, literally researching such things since I was a young kid watching the old Leonard Nimoy show In Search Of.

I’m an author, and I’ve written six books so far. Last October, I wrote a flyer for the church I pastor, Valley Baptist Church in Salinas, Alabama. We were having a Fall outreach, and I thought it would be interesting to highlight some of the more interesting creatures and mysteries of the Bible, and give it to kids who came to our Trunk or Treat. The main purpose of that flyer was to share the good news of Jesus with families in our area.  The week before Halloween, I added some material to the flyer, turned it into a book – Monsters and the Bible – and published it on Amazon. Since then, that dumb book has become my best-selling book. I say dumb, because it is short, not well written/formatted, and it is barely worth the 99 cents I sell it for. I barely promoted it, but in a recent one week (or so) stretch, that book outsold all of my other books put together by a 2.5 to 1 ratio.  I told my wife that my worst book was outselling all of my other books I slaved over by a wide margin, and she simply said, ‘Well, then, make it your best book!” Which is actually surprisingly good advice…so I’m reworking that book. That silly book has gotten me invites to be on national radio shows, and opened some pretty funny doors. For a while, it ranked in the top 3 on Amazon in the category ‘Occult Satanism.’ WHICH I DID NOT PLACE THE BOOK IN.  Imagine me, a Southern Baptist pastor (from Alabama, pastoring in Cali) explaining to my congregation why I had a high ranking book in the ‘Occult Satanism’ section. Very odd. I actually thought it was a good thing, because a third of that book is a strong gospel presentation and a defense of the resurrection of Jesus.

In the process of rewriting the Monsters in the Bible book, I thought long and hard about launching another podcast about Mysteries of the Bible (The Shroud of Turin, Ark of the Covenant, etc.) But I realized, as a full time pastor, husband, father of 5 kids, and a some-time author, I probably don’t have the bandwidth to keep a ton of plates spinning, so I decided to merge the BQP into a podcast that also included Bible Mysteries. This is that show. Some weeks, the episodes will be straight up Bible topics, and some weeks, the episodes will be more ‘out there,’ and some weeks the episodes will be on more grounded Bible topics.   Let me state my intentions clearly: I’d love to reach people who are interested in mysteries, the paranormal and the supernatural, and teach them about Jesus, crucified for our sins and raised from the dead. That’s my major goal of this show. A secondary goal, that is also important, is to demonstrate and proclaim that the Bible is an INTERESTING book – fascinating, really, and worthy of much study and discussion.

10 Things you need to know about this podcast.

  1. Me personally.  In my 40s, married to Janet for a little over 23 years. 5 kids, oldest 18, youngest 7. Born in raised in Sweet Home Alabama now living just outside of Silicon Valley in Salinas, California.
  2. Qualifications.  2 master’s degrees, Beeson, NOBTS and Liberty Seminary  25 years of pastoral ministry multiple roles, multiple positions.  I’ve got 8,389 books in LAH-GAHS. Don’t you judge me!
  3. My podcasting history. Began podcasting in January or February of 2005. Maybe the first podcast in ‘Bama. Tech Talk with Chase and Sam. A few other shows, The Night Life, Faith Today, Gospel Friends, Uncanny Gospel friends, some church podcasts. I love podcasting and podcast consuming, and am subscribed to literally 100 podcasts. Malcolm Gladwell would say that makes me an outlier. Started for me with TWIT, Buzz Out  Loud and SYSK.
  4. Answers to these questions will be based on a high view of the Bible (I affirm the Chicago Statement on inerrancy, for instance)
  5. I do NOT have all of the answers, but sometimes I sound confident. Be noble Bereans, and compare what I say with Scripture first.
  6. Church history is important, so are experiences, testimonies, confessions and creeds. Those all have some varying levels of validity. Feelings might have a small amount of validity as well. However, I seek to answer questions first and foremost from the Bible, with a larger focus on the New Testament than the Old Testament. Both Testaments are the Word of God,
  7. This is not a podcast aimed at the finer points of theology:  infralapsarianism vs Supralapsarianism or Progressive Dispensationalism vs Supersessionism, 1689 Federalism, or Landmarkism, Eutychianism, or anything like that.

    Also, I’m not a wack-a-doodle conspiracy theorist, at least, I hope I’m not. I like a good mystery, and I believe the Bible is a SUPERNATURAL book. Many pastors and Bible teachers today have an anti-supernatural bias, I think. Far too often, they try to rationalize the Bible, especially the more supernatural parts. I think that is silly considering the foundation of Christianity is the RESURRECTION of Jesus – which is an incredibly supernatural claim. It boils down to this for me – if Jesus FACTUALLY rose from the dead – and He did! – then I believe the other claims of the Bible, claims about angels, demons, spiritual warfare, creation ex nihilo, and others. Jesus Himself talked about angels, demons, ghosts, the end times, and lots of interesting things. Charles Spurgeon and John Wesley told ghost stories. These things are interesting, and I’m a sucker for interesting things. That doesn’t mean I believe in ghosts, and likely Jesus and Charles Spurgeon didn’t either. (I honestly think John Wesley may have, in fact, believed in ghosts, but I digress) Bottom line: I respect the Word of God. It is a supernatural book and contains lots of mysteries. This show seeks to explore those mysteries while maintaining a very high – inerrant – view of Scripture.

    8. We will focus on foundational Bible questions, but also interesting, strange and eclectic Bible questions. How can we know the Bible is reliable? What does John 3:16 actually mean? What is gossip, and why is it so bad?  Is Jesus the only way to Heaven? Are people saved by grace or works or both? Baptized for the dead. What does the Bible say about ghosts or aliens? Why did Jesus talk about ghosts, but never say they weren’t real? Did angels actually mate with humans in Genesis 6? What about the Shroud of Turin – is it a middle ages forgery, or a genuine artifact of Jesus??

    9.  I will probably at least try to be funny. Spurgeon’s friends and even casual acquaintances remarked on his hearty laughter. 

William Williams, pastor friend of Spurgeon, wrote this about him:  What a bubbling fountain of humour Mr. Spurgeon had! I laughed more, I verily believe, when in his company than during all the rest of my life besides. He had the most fascinating gift of laughter … and he had also the greatest ability for making all who heard him laugh with him. When someone blamed him for saying humourous things in his sermons, he said, “He would not blame me if he only knew how many of them I keep back.”

10. My biggest influences and heroes of the faith: Charles Spurgeon, John Piper, C.S. Lewis, George Mueller, Hudson Taylor, John Newton, Tim Keller, Wayne Grudem, David Platt, and probably quite a few others. 

2 Replies to “Bible Mystery Podcast Episode #0 – Trailer”


    Hello Pastor Thompson,

    I am a former monk who has studied the Shroud intensely for 42 years and believe it to be authentic. I know all of the major Shroud researchers from the 1970s that are still alive. I probably have 1 of the 5 biggest personal English-language collections in the world and have written much on the Shroud and attended many conferences over the years. I used to publish a print Shroud newsletter and now send out information online to people interested in the Shroud.

    I make it a point to try and track down as much print and audio materials as I can.
    I check YouTube and Podcasts constantly to hear any Shroud programs. I have just listened to your episode 8 on the Shroud, the intro to what you say will be 4 or 5 parts. I’m thrilled that you’re going to be so thorough with the Shroud, because it is such a complicated subject. I was impressed with your depth of knowledge, your balance and your intellectual honesty in your approach to the Shroud. I agree that too many people make up their minds one way or the other before they do the necessary research to be able to make an informed decision. I myself was agnostic when I first heard about the Shroud and didn’t make up my mind about it until I had done some real research. I heard you say you studied under Dr. Gary Habermas, who I know and who I still communicate with from time to time.

    I want to share with you some additional information, which includes some hot links, on the Shroud, especially on the 1988 C-14 dating. My late wife, Sue Benford, and I were the ones who delivered a paper in 2000 at an international conference in Italy proposing that the C-14 dating results were skewed because the sample had been taken from a repaired area. The late STURP chemist Ray Rogers thought our theory was nonsense but ended up agreeing with us. He wrote a paper in a peer-reviewed, high-end chemistry journal Thermochimica Acta in 2005 saying the sample was NOT representative of the whole cloth. Sue and I had a paper in an Italian peer-reviewed journal called Chemistry Today in 2008. These fit very well with the findings of the Casabianca team regarding the raw data in their 2019 peer-reviewed paper in Archaeometry.

    You said something to the effect that you’re not sure that you can be persuaded that the area was repaired. In several weeks I will be giving a presentation at a Shroud conference in Canada about our Invisible Reweave theory. I have a 2 hour slot (has a 15 minute break). I have 96 power point slides and 60 references, which includes English translations of important foreign-language sources. I’d be willing to bet money that no one else on the planet, including those who are serious Shroud researchers, are familiar with and/or has read all 60 references.

    I have so much more I would like to share with you, but it would be easier if I could send it to you via email, where you would be able to click on hot links. I’d appreciate it if you could send me a good email address.

    Best wishes,

    Joe Marino
    Dublin, Ohio

    • chaseathompson

      Thank you or this information, Joe – it sounds like you are a wealth of knowledge on The Shroud! I’ll send you my email. 🙂

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